56 resources
56 resources
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Water Spray System (Humidification Column)
Test Rig Flow Loop
Adsorbtion Column
Refilling Gas System
Gas Storage Tank and Compressor
V30 Karl Fischer Titrator
Pour Point Tester
MICRO Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
Cross Polarised Microscope
Controlled Stress Rheometer System
Corrosion Inhibitor for High CO2 Environment
Mobile In-situ Corrosion Measurement Equipment (MiCorr)
Method and Apparatus for Wax Deposition in Pipe
pH Sensor Device for Corrosion Monitoring
Weathering Chamber
UV Spectrophotometer
Ultrasonic Testing Package
Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Tomography Unit
Thin Channel Flow Cell (TCFC)
Tabletop SEM-EDX
Portable Turbidimeter
Sterilisation Autoclave
Shore Hardness type A & D
Rotating Cylindrical Electrode (RCE)
Nitrogen Dry Box
Laminar Flow Cabinet
Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
Microbiology Microscope
Gamry Potentiostat
Dynamic Autoclaves
Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet
Corrosion Under Insulation Cell
Portable DO meter
Multiphase Flow Loop
Autolab Potentiostat
Colony Counter
Cathodic Disbondment (CD) Circuit Equipment
ACM Weld Tester Gill 12 with 12 Channels
Zeta Potential Particle Analyzer
Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) Analyzer
Multi Flask with Schlenk Vacuum System
Hydrate Formation Pilot Plant
Customized Lab Wet/Dry Hollow Fiber Spinning System Performance Study
Gravimetric Sorption Analyser Unit (GSAU)
Gas Chromatography
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